Cuban Visual Artist Looking for Residency

Creation date : 27/07/2022
Modification date : 27/07/2022
  • Location: Havana, Cuba
Cuban Visual Artist Looking for Residency

Hello! I am a Cuban visual artist looking for a residency in order to complete work that I am unable to due to lack of materials in Cuba. I work on many mediums that include, x-ray photography, paint on canvas, wood work, metal work, clay work and many others. Finishing a few of my pieces would help me publish and network in order to make a living.

Propositions artistiques en échange de la résidence (oeuvres, cours, ateliers, dîner, concert...) : I am willing to offer an original piece of art in exchange for the residency,
Description environment are you looking for ( nature, urban, other…) : I would prefer an urban environment where materials would be more accessible and transportation less of an issue.
Describe your projects for a residence : My plan would be to start and complete an installation piece that relays the issue of building collapses so common in my city. Because of lack of building material in Cuba, building stability is a dangerous thing and Cubans are very well acquainted to the danger of heavy rains as this is when homes tend to collapse bringing with them the danger of death on every street.
Professional website :
Description of the type of workspace needed (office, studio, rehearsal space…) : a studio or home with work space would be ideal

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    My favorite virtue: indulgence 
    What I hate above all: bad faith and bad will 
    The faults that inspire me the most indulgence: those committed out of ignorance 
    The quality that I prefer in a man: thoughtfulness
    Favorite in a woman: humor 
    The main trait of my character: courage 
    My main flaw: imperfectibility 
    My favorite occupation: love, create, discover, create, eat, sleep, wake up, and start again - live 
    My dream of happiness: live in two
    What would be my greatest misfortune? to be the last living being 
    What I would like to be: loved 
    The country where I would like to live: anywhere wild nature remains 
    My dream destination? the mountain
    My heroes: people who make their loved ones happy
    My favorite composers: Beethoven, Satie, Yann Tiersen, John Williams
    My favorite words: (I'm looking for)
    The military event that I admire the most: the Carnation Revolution
    The reform that I consider the more: secularism
    If I could live in any era: the Neolithic 
    The gift of nature that I would like to have: beauty
    How I would like to die: definitively
    My state of mind: current
    My favorite motto: against bad luck good heart (in french)
    If I won a million euros: first of all I will start by thinking, for a long time
    The craziest thing done for love? Have me declared dead so that the person may live free from the fear of meeting me and loving me
    My weak point: make a summary