Fiction Writer looking for housing support

Creation date : 01/10/2018
Modification date : 01/10/2018
  • Location: paris, France
Fiction Writer looking for housing support

Hey there,
I am Marion, Parisian by heart who tries to balance an ongoing writing project and the desire to keep living in and enjoying Paris.
I started writing this book (which is a dystopia inspired by writers such as Chuck Palahniuk and Warren Ellis) on november 2017 and I am about half of it.
I chose to dedicate my time and energy to this project (I am a former international relations analyst), until it is possible, and that’s why I am looking for a host. If you are one of them, let’s talk ? and thanks in advance for your support! Cheers

Propositions artistiques en échange de la résidence (oeuvres, cours, ateliers, dîner, concert...) : I obviously won't sing for you, and I would be too affraid of boring you to death with my writing to offer you something like that. However, I practice sports a lot, almost every morning (running, pilates, body pumps, squats + everything that can be more fun than running, etc). My last host was a woman looking for a sport coach, and for several months we trained together. I also have pleasure cooking for anyone else than me and sharing lunches and dinners! Cleaning is not an issue for me, actually I use cleaning as a way to get rid of physical energy in the morning ; and then I am able to focus on writing in the afternoon.
Description environment are you looking for ( nature, urban, other…) : I am looking for a room in Paris, in a place that doesnot make it awckward. I like sharing flats but I do need an independant room.
Describe your projects for a residence : If I have a good Karma and find a generous host with whom to get along, I assume the writing will keep me busy for the next 4 months.
Description of the type of workspace needed (office, studio, rehearsal space…) : An independant room in a shared flat would be perfect. I can write pretty much everywhere if I have my headphones.

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