Pianist / Violinist, Piano tuner

Creation date : 03/11/2023
Modification date : 07/11/2023
  • Location: Berlin, Germany
Pianist / Violinist,  Piano tuner

Hallo, My name is Ofer Löwinger. I’m a pianist, Singer and a violin player.
I would love to come to your place to play Piano. as a concert or as ambient music.
I am also teaching Guitar Piano and Violin. and I could tune your Piano.

Hope to hear from you!

Propositions artistiques en échange de la résidence (oeuvres, cours, ateliers, dîner, concert...) : I would love to play for you, either Piano or Violin. I would also love to teach you Piano or Guitar.
Description environment are you looking for ( nature, urban, other…) : I am interested in many different stuff. Urban areas, villages and isolated houses in the nature!
Describe your projects for a residence : I'm exploring the area. I like to meet new people and to see how people live.
Description of the type of workspace needed (office, studio, rehearsal space…) : Couch to sleep own is a good start :-)

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