farm studio-AIR -INDIA

Creation date : 27/03/2018
Modification date : 27/03/2018
  • Location: sheognaj, India
farm studio-AIR -INDIA

Farm studio aim is to promote and celebrate the community’s artistic and cultural identity and support community-based open platform where creativity can unfold free from accustomed distractions. A unique atmosphere of entirely new environment, developing interrelationships among artists from different geographical locations having varied social, religious and cultural perspectives, foster collaboration, encourage experimentation, exchanges and dialogues among artists and art and culture lover. As well as to bring to the community the art and culture of other communities in order to broaden their experiences and appreciation of the artist.

Farm Studio International artist residency are open call between july to March, with accommodations available for up to six residents at one time. When applying, consider that it might take a little time to adjust to the environment, particularly if you are new to Rajasthan (INDIA); and if you are planning a large outdoor project, the weather might not always be your cooperative companion. The following is a general guideline of what is offered and what is requested in return. If any questions remain or you wish to clarify a specific item send an email us.

Description of the area and neighborhood : ANDORE is 25 km from Sirohi, (185 km from Jodhpur)Rajasthan(INDIA). It is famous for Kumhar (Potter community). It is small village. There is 200 -250 houses. Villager’s major occupation is agriculture. Fellow villagers typically include representatives of various service and artisan castes to supply the needs of the villagers— potters, farmers, carpenters, goldsmiths, barbers, sweepers, priests, so on. Villager expression has different faces here, religion, spirituality; social believes all make a while picture of genre called life. Most people in Andore and the surrounding villages don't own land. For income and food they depend on seasonal work of agriculture on other people's land. Village life is a mixture of tranquility, serenity, quietude and innocence. Along with numerous small and big grass fields, several mountains, chirping of birds, swinging of emerald trees, speaking in a low voice the tale of languishment and love to the big and clear blue sky give a mesmerizing, captivating and bewitching effect to the Andore villages.In ANDORE village calmness is like a meditation. In every part of village, one can hear nature talking to him people to explore the beauty of Anore village and Rajasthan. You will be really remember this for your life and enjoy lots of miracles of nature. So .....let us be part of this unique artistic experience at ANDORE.
Facilities (wifi, phone..) : Organization will provide accommodation Studio space Internet Electricity Basic kitchen Printer B/W First aid kit (Medical Box) Invitation letter
Cost sharing of charges such as gas, water, electricity :
Animals welcome :
Smokers welcome :
Space suitable for artistic events :
Wish in exchange for the hosting (ie:a work of art, an original work, singing or painting lessons, a private concert or any other art form) : Disciplines: Visual Art (Interdisciplinary or Drawing, Painting, Photography, Sculpture, Installation, Performance art), New Media Art, Film maker, Curator, Research, Writing and Music. Farm Studio International artist residency program for professionals, emerging or established, in all areas of the arts and offering accommodations and studio space to pursue their art in exchange for a contribution of labour of 8 hours per week to help renovate and maintain Farm studio buildings and grounds as well as other projects, suited to skills and temperament. All who apply need to be self-motivated and resourceful and appreciate a quiet working environment. Farm studio location is Jodhpur (urban) and Andore (rural).
Favourite artistic domains : Natural, rural, countryside, Rajasthan, traditional art, folk art

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