In Residence program Mima

Creation date : 10/05/2023
Modification date : 10/05/2023
  • Location: Mima, Japan In Residence program Mima is a platform service where artists create art products using reusable materials such as secondhand items and waste, and sell them online. Artists and creators can become sellers and sell their own one-of-a-kind art pieces made from reusable materials.

The In Residence program is a program for artists interested in creating art products using reusable materials. The program aims to have artists translate their creative ideas into reused art and create art products to achieve a sustainable society.

Artists from all over the world can participate in the program. Participating artists can create art products inspired by Japanese culture, scenery, or cultures and landscapes from around the world, using reusable materials such as old furniture, clothing, and waste.

The art products created by the artists are sold on the online platform, and the revenue from the sold products is returned to the artists. Furthermore, if the artists’ works match’s sustainability concept, they may be introduced in’s advertising and other materials.

The program requires artists to create art products using reusable materials and their own ideas and techniques to achieve a sustainable society. Participating artists can increase their awareness of sustainability and contribute to realizing a sustainable society through’s concept.

Description of the area and neighborhood : Udatsu Historical District in Wakimachi were designated as a National Important Preservation Districts for Groups of Historic Buildings in 1979, and preservation activities have been continued by local residents and stakeholders. The area still retains traditional Japanese streetscapes and is a charming place where visitors can experience history and culture. In recent years, it has also been known as a location for movies and dramas, attracting many tourists. By implementing an artist-in-residence program in this area, art pieces can be created with themes based on the region's culture, history, and nature, which can contribute to the revitalization of the region and promotion of tourism. Furthermore, it can promote collaboration and interaction between local residents and artists, and achieve a fusion of art and the region.
Facilities (wifi, phone..) : Artists can stay at an inviting guesthouse (Private or bunk bed for 2 Artists per 1 room) in the Udatsu Historical District. The male owner is a musician and IT developer who personally renovated the building using local materials. Meanwhile, the female owner is a professional manga artist with expertise in art and design, which shows in the interior and furniture of the guesthouse. The guesthouse is adorned with beautiful handmade objects created by the wife and antique furniture collected as a hobby. The owners prioritize socializing and actively participate in artistic activities with the guests. They offer advice on local information and travel, supporting artists to have a comfortable stay. Artists can create their works at the "Udatsu Incubation Center", a preserved national historic house built during the Edo period and located within the Udatsu Historical District. The center is not only for artists, but also home to IT developers and experience providers who can share various types of information.
Cost sharing of charges such as gas, water, electricity :
Animals welcome :
Smokers welcome :
Space suitable for artistic events :
Wish in exchange for the hosting (ie:a work of art, an original work, singing or painting lessons, a private concert or any other art form) : At least one public event, workshop, public speaking or exhibition, sell on the & real store must be hosted by the Artist. Provide to Artist: The program covers the accommodation & studio, dinner fee for the artists and can also provide transportation to and from the station & etc. In addition, we can provide recycled materials, as well as necessary tools and equipment for creating art products as much as possible. Granted the currency "15,000 Udatsu Coins" of the Udatsu community "UDATSU NATION". Udatsu Coins can be used at stores and services centered around the Udatsu Historical District. Burden on the artist: Artists must cover their own expenses, including breakfast and lunch, parties and experiences.
Favourite artistic domains : All

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