Photographer and writer looking for residency

Date de publication : 11/04/2024
Date de modification : 17/04/2024
  • Emplacement: lyon, France
Photographer and writer looking for residency

Salt in eyelashes is a photography and video project about insular teenagers identity and development in Greece. Where bodies reveal and affirm themselves and how they bind to each other in an open space by the sea.
It goes along with my other photography projects, mainly “The Lobster Complex” in which I immersed myself in Brussels teenagers sphere. Thereafter, my “Bank” series portraited the skate culture in Luxembourg. More recently, in Formentera, I produced a series of photographs revealing my personal bond with the isle.
Since my childhood, I traveled through Greece and its islands, under my parents impluse, who transmitted a piece of insularity through this inimate experience. The islands have sharpened my vision, my education, my way of approaching things and the livings.
For me, they are like a second home, a second skin.
Today, with Salt in eyelashes, I would like to pursue my teenager world quest with young people who grew up on those Greek islands and tell more about those islands through their bodies, their look and their fragility.
My goal is to highlight the voices, the feelings, the stories of those people living or who have lived on an island. Through their testimony, I intend to dig, to feed and exchange knowledge around the subject of adolescence.
The final result will be presented as a photography series and research notebooks but also as a video documentary and a paper edition.

Propositions artistiques en échange de la résidence (oeuvres, cours, ateliers, dîner, concert...) : My documentary’s vision implies various mediums: photography, video and notebooks. This multidis- ciplinarity allows me to hold on to my project from beginning to end (from the shootings to the inter- views, from the creation of notebooks aiming at being published to the video making). I’ll continue to explore my themes through multiple medias. Sorting, drawing in this bloc of emotions the main outlines, making sense, classifying, building in order to do an intimate inventory of memories and to instore a methodological practice. The variety of tech- nics are here to enrich that body of work: photography, sketches, notes, texts, watercolor, video. Each support involving a different handeling of time
Description du lieu recherché (nature, urbain, autre) : Nature and island !
Quels sont vos projets de résidence ? : My first experience on the subject of territory in adolescence was in 2016 during a trip to Kinshasa in the Congo Republic. While I was simultaneously working on a series about oc- cidental adolescence, I was able to further investigate the question of identity by meeting the Congolese youth. How does the era and the culture model the individual? How does the adolescent build his own integrity? How does he evolve in his environment? Since childhood, I’ve had the chance to live formative moments of my life on Greek islands, such as the Cyclades, the Ioniennes islands or the Sporades. Through time, I got aware of a form of contemplation that those landscapes induce: the sea, the horizon, the sunny lands, steep and soft at same time and mostly the relationship with time that I discovered: the feeling of suspension, of a time holder. In February 2008, I relocated for seven months on an island of twenty kilometers square in the Balearics. I lived on the island and shared the insulars’ life. Isolated from the continent, I interacted with people I’ve always wanted to meet. Through my point of view, I wished to feed a social and visual dialogue with those people, to understand and translate the synergy, the bonds and the looks at the crossroads of a tiny territory, investigating the impact of a limited territory on one’s identity. Deeply changed by this experience, I came back to France with the will to pursue my exploration about insular life. With time, I felt the need to go back to Greece, this country so precious to my childhood and my personality. My attachment to this country, to its culture and to its islands has been crucial to picture and shape my project about insular life. I launched “Salt in eyelashes” in last February by spending some months in Athens where I met a few of those young insular teenagers. This first phase of establishing contact has allowed me to structure my project by gathering the recollection of their first excitements, their quest of identity and their vision of the future. It had also been the occasion to establish a base in the capital and to provide a partnership with Void, a publishing house tight to the French Institute of Greece.
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Description du type d’espace de travail souhaité (bureau, atelier, salle de répétition…) : All is possible for me !

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