Seeking place for art/living end 2024 beginning 2025 or exchange of home/workspace

Date de publication : 31/01/2024
Date de modification : 03/02/2024
  • Emplacement: Montréal, Canada
Seeking place for art/living  end 2024  beginning 2025 or exchange of home/workspace


Iam Karine, from Montréal,  Québec,  french province of Canada.
Multidisciplinary artist in quest of new inspiration, new places/ people to discover.

In Canada or outside,  Would like to work on paintings/drawings or bigger projet as sculptures if my journey is long enough and if there is available material.

I love walking for many hours, gather flowers and making bouquets or arrangment of any sorts.
That might interest hosts who own a place where they welcome tourists as a business or simply flower lovers. : )

Ideally the residence would be available for at least a month so i’ll have the time to immerge myself by surrounding.

To the artists who are interested in a home /artwork exchange, iam open for a suggestion for 2025. Minimum a month. As well i will make an another page later for the one who are seeking place in Montreal. I will offer room/creative place at my home.


My first language is french and my english and spanish are ok.



Propositions artistiques en échange de la résidence (oeuvres, cours, ateliers, dîner, concert...) : If you live where there is a lot of flowers growing, i'll be happy to put some of theses beauties at your home/ bnb/hostel. If its in the city, i'll focus more on 2d work. In both cases, i'll offer you a drawing or painting. I will cook sometimes.
Description du lieu recherché (nature, urbain, autre) : Iam open to everything. As long as i can reach a store by walk where i can buy my food within 10-15 km. I prefer working alone. But open to share and social. : )
Quels sont vos projets de résidence ? : Country: Flowers/ plants installations- Flowers bouquets. Painting and drawing a serie. City: Painting and drawing a serie.
Description du type d’espace de travail souhaité (bureau, atelier, salle de répétition…) : That can be at a home residence or Art space. I need a private room for sleeping, with a desk.

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