Creation date : 04/03/2020
Modification date : 04/03/2020
  • Location: Berlin, Germany

I am a professional popsinger and voice therapist. My mother tongue is german even though i wear one of the most controverse names in french history until now. Every year i host french-german music-holidays for teenagers with VMSF for two weeks. This is why im not fluent but quite okay in french.
My goal this year is to find this lonesome gap. A retreat for myself to create, maybe while being connected to other artists. Because it lifts my inspiration. It is a lifelong dream of mine to once stay for some time in France because i just feel drawn there…It would be a JOY to spend it at your place.

Propositions artistiques en échange de la résidence (oeuvres, cours, ateliers, dîner, concert...) : I usually write a song or poems that are not physical but everlasting pieces, inspired by the environment im in. As my expertise is voice, movement and communication, I offer also yoga or relaxation classes, single vocal / bass sessions or a rhethoric coaching. As well i am doing workshops about booking and becoming an organized artist. Sometimes i knit or paint as by-product of my main craft. Maybe some of these offers could become a part of yours... Housekeeping or help while building something (woodwork f.e.), gardening, cooking or dogwatching would also be a super preferred exchange idea!
Description environment are you looking for ( nature, urban, other…) : I would be happy to share a naturous cosy, clean environment with painters or sculptors or any different artforms beneath music. But being alone would be a great gift, too. In every case I would prefer to have an own room with a view or appartement.
Describe your projects for a residence : Right now, i just want to consume silence and light away from the rush of Berlin. Writing new poetry, turn it into songs to create material for the next album with my fellow buddy Richard Holzmann, who is playing guitar in my Duo, is my aim.
Personal website : http://mantoinette.de/
Professional website : https://urbanechansons.de/
Description of the type of workspace needed (office, studio, rehearsal space…) : A studio or a rehearsal space would be fine. Nature around, such as a deep forest or the sea would be awesome. I would be up for a quiet bench, a space infront of an oven, or at least with a view. That would be gorgeous. But as I got no drivers license I would be dependant on a bus line or a walk or a bike to buy groceries. What are you thinking?

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