Farm Studio-India



“Farm Studio offer comprehensive understanding between community and art.”



Farm Studio aim is to  promote and celebrate the community’s artistic and cultural identity and support community-based open platform where creativity can unfold free from accustomed distractions. A unique atmosphere of entirely new environment, developing interrelationships among artists from different geographical locations having varied social, religious and cultural perspectives, foster collaboration, encourage experimentation, exchanges and dialogues among artists and art and culture lover. As well as to bring to the community the art and culture of other communities in order to broaden their experiences and appreciation of the artist.

Farm studio International artist residency open for artists, researchers, designers, architects, scientists and farmers with a common interest in creating frameworks  for exchange. We collaborate with local community, farmers, artists and scientists are interested in scientific artistic inquiry. Farm such an initiative there would be need to demonstrate some radical new insights and, given the economic downturn, that would also need to be more pragmatic and modest in scope. However, it could provide a timely platform from which to develop a future rural cultural strategy; i.e. building up cultural capital, developing economic capacity, and also encouraging artists and arts professionals to do more to support rural-urban regeneration initiatives. We provide two different geographic location Urban and Rural.

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