Queens Collective residency

Creation date : 03/06/2016
Modification date : 09/04/2018
  • Location: Marrakech, Morocco
Queens Collective residency


Description of residency program

Queens Collective residency program aims to provide arts and cultural opportunities to artists worldwide and the local community through skill development, idea exchanges, exhibitions, screenings, performances and creation.


The QC provides a membership for international artists to work, share, experiment, live, discuss, eat and network in the Medina of Marrakech, Morocco.


QC is also open for proposals of any kind for interventions within the spaces.


Duration of residency

The Queens Collective residency program offers memberships of short and long duration.
A membership of 10 months and a membership of 5 months.

We also offer Quicky residencies for those who can’t commit to a long term residency or simply prefer short-term experiences.


Disciplines, work equipment and assistance

Queens Collective is a platform for experimentation and has a format with no specified hierarchy. The frame is created by the members of QC and is in constant flux.


Queens Collective is a commune that believes in a way of being together that fosters care, lightness, intensity, life and beauty. It entails the integration of freedom and responsibilities towards the place and the people around you.


Members of the QC work with fellow artists and the local community.


All members organizes themselves in the space with accommodation, food, workspace, cleaning etc. Eating together is one of the most important aspects of the moroccan culture.



The QC lives together in a beautiful 3-floor Riad which is part of a wonderful community, in the midst of the Medina full of hidden treasures, the people here being the most valuable.

sleeping arrangements:

4 shared rooms for 2 people each (bed sheets and duvet are provided)

1 twin bedroom for artist couples (bed sheets and duvet are provided)


Studio/ workspace

QC provides a beautiful 3-floor riad in the Medina of Marrakech. On the first floor there are two big shared ateliers, 2 smaller flexible ateliers and one double sleeping room. The communal patio space is used for presentations and other activities for the local community. Beside a communal kitchen we also have a little stove for the winter and a small library. On the second floor there are 4 shared sleeping rooms for two people each.

The third floor (terrace) includes gardening, plants, flowers, four turtles and Mihow’s living space. On the terrace you will also find 4 open-air showers, an open-air dance space of 22 sqm and a workshop for tools and some materials. The roof of the workshop serves as another small terrace. QC also provides a larger dance studio situated outside of the Medina of Marrakech.

Fees and support

Each artist in residence becomes a member of the QC for the length of the residency.

The membership fee covers the accomodation and the use of the communal spaces.

All currency is in Moroccan Dirham

Membership 10 month: 30.000,-

Membership 5 month: 15.000,-

The Support from the QC includes: Communication material (webpage, flyers,…), living space, working spaces, presentation spaces.

Expenses paid by Artists: Food, flights and local transportations, working material, visa and insurances.

Expectations towards the artist

Members have the possibility to network with Moroccan artists and other visiting artists. The QC house is already a well established event space in Marrakech which facilitates the getting into the Marrakech art scene.


There are weekly dates for activities for the local community of Marrakech (kids, youth, women). These activities are proposed and run by all members of the Collective.


Every 2 months, members invite the local community to a public presentation to share individual and collaborative works, and work in progress.


Application information

please note:

for a quicky residency please add to the general application a clear time proposal (min 1 week).

  • a letter of motivation max. 1 page
    Why do you want to be a Queen in Marrakech?

       Do you have any experience in collective structures?

  • project idea or research description max. 1 page

  • a short CV including age/nationality/languages/Email/skype name/FB account/website

  • written biography including any information you find relevant for us to get a sense of who you are. max. 1 page

  • Presentation Video – please send us a short video (2-3min) of you presenting yourself. selfie style with your mobile is absolutely fine

  • Documentation of your work online links or attached documentation

Residents will be selected by the Queens Collective based on the quality of their work, commitment to their practice, and ability to interact positively with the community at large.


Description of the area and neighborhood : 1. The BEAUTY of the OLD MEDINA. At DJEMAA EL FNA, aka the famous big square, tourists but also many Moroccans pamper themselves with the DELICIOUS FOOD and the EXOTIC STREET PERFORMANCES. At 15 min. walking distance Priscilla vibes at Derb el Ferrane, Azbest, one of the oldest parts of town. Are you interested in ARCHITECTURE? Visit the HISTORICAL SITES like Bahia and Badia Palace and get lost in the ancient streets of the Medina. The latter developed themselves as a maze of houses and narrow streets made of red clay. At every corner you will smell something different, amber, musk, fresh mint... Let yourself get inspired in the SOUKS where the inherited esthetics of Morocco are sold. You will find mosaic pottery, handcrafted shoes and bags, spices and herbs for beauty and natural healing and the traditional Moroccan fashion. 2. The URBAN LIFE of the VILLE NOUVELLE, the new part of town. With its EUROPEAN LOOKS, think of Barcelona (Spain), the new part of town forms a big contrast with the old Medina. If you are desperate to take a break from the busy life in the Medina, you will find your rest in Jardin Majorelle, the BOTANIC GARDEN owned by Yves Saint Laurent. You will come across MODERN ART GALLERIES in the same area. Go for a coffee and some serious western shopping in Gueliz, where you will find the more specific DESIGNER SHOPS. The party starts at Route Mohammed VI where you'll find the big NIGHTCLUBS Pacha, Theatro and 555 Famous Club. Smoke all flavours of tobacco at the SHISHA LOUNGES or listen to pop and traditional live music in the Moroccan CABARETS and BARS. 3. To get inspired by both TRADITIONAL and CONTEMPORARY ART. Like mentioned above, in the old Medina you will find traditional forms of art. These days however, you can also check out the contemporary art houses in the Medina. The Marrakech Biennale (marrakechbiennale.org) takes place every two years and the Marrakech International Film Festival (http://www.festivalmarrakech.info) takes place every year. The International Dance Festival On Marche and the House of Photography are worth a visit as well. (Interesting? read http://www.theguardian.com/travel/2013/nov/15/marrakech-new-art-scene-galleries-medina).
Facilities (wifi, phone..) : https://www.queenscollective.org/howtoapply
Cost sharing of charges such as gas, water, electricity :
Animals welcome :
Smokers welcome :
Space suitable for artistic events :
Wish in exchange for the hosting (ie:a work of art, an original work, singing or painting lessons, a private concert or any other art form) : -persentation du travail final au public, exposition, performance, lecture, video,.... -cours pour enfant de la rue une fois par semaine. -cuisiner pour l'équipe une fois par semaine.
Favourite artistic domains : performance, art visuel, art plastic

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