Queens Residency

Date de publication : 03/06/2016
Date de modification : 19/03/2018
  • Emplacement: Marrakech, Maroc
Queens Residency

The Queens AIR program is hosted in the Riad Priscilla, Queen of the Medina, an independent space and alternative hostel, where exhibitions, encounters, performances, collaborations, workshops, social projects, artists, travellers and all kind of people are equally welcome. We provide a room in Priscilla which includes a place to sleep, and a work space.
Queens AIR is an artist residency program offers international emerging artists opportunities to develop and show their work to a local and international audience. It is open to all artists who wish to get inspired and create work in the old Medina of Marrakech. Queens AIR intends to open a dialogue with and between visiting artists, the local community and its ever-changing surrounding. We offer working space, presentation space and accommodation to artists from different disciplines in:
applied arts
visual arts
performing arts

Description de l’environnement géographique : 1. The BEAUTY of the OLD MEDINA. At DJEMAA EL FNA, aka the famous big square, tourists but also many Moroccans pamper themselves with the DELICIOUS FOOD and the EXOTIC STREET PERFORMANCES. At 15 min. walking distance Priscilla vibes at Derb el Ferrane, Azbest, one of the oldest parts of town. Are you interested in ARCHITECTURE? Visit the HISTORICAL SITES like Bahia and Badia Palace and get lost in the ancient streets of the Medina. The latter developed themselves as a maze of houses and narrow streets made of red clay. At every corner you will smell something different, amber, musk, fresh mint... Let yourself get inspired in the SOUKS where the inherited esthetics of Morocco are sold. You will find mosaic pottery, handcrafted shoes and bags, spices and herbs for beauty and natural healing and the traditional Moroccan fashion. 2. The URBAN LIFE of the VILLE NOUVELLE, the new part of town. With its EUROPEAN LOOKS, think of Barcelona (Spain), the new part of town forms a big contrast with the old Medina. If you are desperate to take a break from the busy life in the Medina, you will find your rest in Jardin Majorelle, the BOTANIC GARDEN owned by Yves Saint Laurent. You will come across MODERN ART GALLERIES in the same area. Go for a coffee and some serious western shopping in Gueliz, where you will find the more specific DESIGNER SHOPS. The party starts at Route Mohammed VI where you'll find the big NIGHTCLUBS Pacha, Theatro and 555 Famous Club. Smoke all flavours of tobacco at the SHISHA LOUNGES or listen to pop and traditional live music in the Moroccan CABARETS and BARS. 3. To get inspired by both TRADITIONAL and CONTEMPORARY ART. Like mentioned above, in the old Medina you will find traditional forms of art. These days however, you can also check out the contemporary art houses in the Medina. The Marrakech Biennale (marrakechbiennale.org) takes place every two years and the Marrakech International Film Festival (http://www.festivalmarrakech.info) takes place every year. The International Dance Festival On Marche and the House of Photography are worth a visit as well. (Interesting? read http://www.theguardian.com/travel/2013/nov/15/marrakech-new-art-scene-galleries-medina).
Commodités (wifi, tv, teléphone…) : Wifi
Demande de partage des charges fixes (eau, gaz, electricité) :
Animaux acceptés :
Fumeurs acceptés :
Le lieu adapté pour des événements artistiques :
Souhaits en échange de la résidence (ex: cours, oeuvres, concerts, invitation, diner, texte…) : -persentation du travail final au public, exposition, performance, lecture, video,.... -cours pour enfant de la rue une fois par semaine. -cuisiner pour l'équipe une fois par semaine.
Domaines artistiques préférés : performance, art visuel, art plastic

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